Some have wondered if you can play VALORANT on Xbox. Is VALORANT available on Xbox, and will it be available in the future? VALORANT is gaining popularity, with a growing audience and community. This piques the curiosity of console players who wish to join this group. Other popular shooters, like as Overwatch and Apex Legends, have made the console transition.

Let’s have a look at the release dates for VALORANT on the Xbox and other systems.

Riot Games Expansion for Current Console

You can count on Riot Games to expand and improve its games often. Being part of a vibrant community guarantees that gamers will always have a great time. This is most obviously shown in the company’s recent foray into mobile gaming and the regular release of updates for all of its titles. Mobile versions of popular games like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and even Teamfight Tactics have been released.

Expansion options for the Console that are worthwhile

Streaming competitive VALORANT matches and placing bets on VALORANT matches are both possible thanks to a number of websites. Developers from Riot have repeatedly confirmed during Q&A sessions that console releases are in the works, so things are looking up. There can be little doubt that 2021’s anticipated expansion of VALORANT would further intensify this concentration.

Riot Games has spent the time since release adjusting the game’s balance, but they’re open to the idea of porting it to consoles. However, gamers are curious about the console release of VALORANT.

Riot, according to VALORANT’s head designer Trevor Romleski, is “open to exploring new prospects for other platforms.” – Closed beta testing on the personal computer.

The objective of having VALORANT run at 120 frames per second on next-gen consoles is not unreachable. According to what Felipe Romero, Riot’s lead engineer, said to Eurogamer in June of last year. What this means is that bringing VALORANT to consoles is a real possibility. A release date for VALORANT for Xbox has not yet been announced.

Remember that Riot Games is exploring the console market. To accommodate future platform releases, we are designing Ruined King: A League of Legends Story with a focus on scalability. In addition, there has been talk of a console release of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

In 2022, Will Valorant be available on XBOX?


As of right now, we just don’t have enough information to indicate if and when VALORANT will be available on Xbox. On June 4th, 2021, Gamespot interviewed Executive Producer Anna Donlon, who said that they are “prototyping a VALORANT console version,” without providing any other context.

“We’re not totally confident that every aspect of the game’s play or experience transfers well to console.” Donlon came to a conclusion.

No plans have been announced for a VALORANT release on Xbox, despite gamers’ hopes. According to reports, the earliest release would be in the third quarter of 2022.

The job posting for VALORANT has been updated to reflect that RIOT GAMES is now hiring.

Hints that Valorant will be playable on platforms other than PC surfaced around the time of the game’s 2020 release. The latest posting for a Senior Game Designer has given us all reason to hope, even if it has nothing to do with Valorant’s possible port to Xbox and Playstation.

It’s hardly surprising that the game would be ported to other systems, given how widely played it is. Even though Riot Games is especially skilled at surprising people with huge announcements, the odds are quite strong that it still won’t happen in 2022 if the formal announcement ever comes to light.

Second update: open positions for the Console team corroborate the project’s hiring plans. The developer’s commitment to porting Valorant to consoles is confirmed by two job listings on Hitmaker. Looking at the jobs that are coming available right now (November 2022) we can safely assume that it will be a while before the game is released.

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