While the 2022 season has concluded, Riot Games has already announced the new VCT Game Changers EMEA structure for the upcoming 2023 season. With the new system, competition, especially in the EMEA area, is likely to be stiffer than ever. This year, G2 Gozen won the Champions trophy.

In your opinion, what will shift in the next year?

The first major change to the VCT Game Changers EMEA 2023 structure is the addition of a fourth tier within a season.

VCT Game Changers EMEA: Academy and VCT Game Changers EMEA: Emergents presently share the first tier of the aforementioned ranking.

The Game Changers EMEA League is the top level in the area, followed by the Contenders stage on the third tier.

Last but not least, the GC Championship, as you may have imagined, has reached the pinnacle of golf competition. Riot Games has revealed a tournament and prize that represents the pinnacle of a GC team’s career, and the road there has been mapped out.

In-house Games are Played with Discord

To begin, Emergents will be welcomed to a “Discord community” wherein members may participate in internal games and win prizes without leaving the Discord server. As such, it’s important to get as many people as possible interested in competitive play so that the VALORANT culture may spread to a broader audience and prepare more people to enjoy esports. After the GC comes the GC: Academy in second place. Riot Games has said that the academy’s primary objective will be to prepare players for professions in the VALORANT ecosystem.

The challenge for contenders is one tier above. Due to open qualifications being held in locations worldwide, anybody may take part in Contenders. In order to raise the bar for competitiveness, the top teams from the Contenders tournament will be promoted to the Game Changers EMEA League. The fate of VALORANT EMEA’s Game Changers rankings rests in the hands of these squads.

Game Changers EMEA League

Riot Games will invite the best four teams from 2022 to compete in the GC EMEA League, which will feature 16 total teams. The tournament’s other 12 teams will strive to make the cut and take on 2022’s top 4. Once again, the World Championship will serve as the year-ending showdown. G2 Gozen is the current and previous World Champion. The EMEA squad recently triumphed in a competition and maintained its dominant position in the scene. Due to their success in reaching the finals and winning the world championship, G2 is expected to earn an invite from Riot Games to participate in the VCT 2023 Game Changers EMEA League.

Riot Games’ goal has always been to improve the Game Changers’ exposure, infrastructure, and level of play. It is hoped that by adopting this new structure, the scene may be taken “to the next level,” and that additional possibilities will arise for amateur players to compete against the finest players. Most of them undoubtedly started working their way up VALORANT levels to improve their gaming skills and maybe even make a living doing it. It appears that the future of the VALORANT Game Changers ecosystem will take a giant leap forward in the 2023 season, when new chances will be made available for amateur players.

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