The International 11 Battle Pass has now been finished with the addition of a storm warning thanks to the Razor Arcana, barring any unexpected surprises.

If the additional delay was necessary in order to make the Voidstorm Asylum seem as stunning as it does, then perhaps it was not a waste of time. The new cosmetic that Valve has designed is quite amazing, and it is on par with some of the finest Battle Pass Arcanas that have been released in the past, such as the Windrunner and the Queen of Pain.

The design of the armor is reminiscent of the Lightning Revenant from the first version of DotA; however, instead of the whip that has become standard equipment, the Lightning Revenant wields a sword and a shield. In his default appearance, Razor resembles a twisted tornado that has been encased in a few pieces of armor. with bolts of lightning that were just about able to stay contained within his body.

Every one of Razor’s abilities has also been altered, and they now have a ferocious purple color that gives the impression that it is lighting up the whole screen. The Plasma Field and Storm Surge effects are really well realized and realistic, and it gives the impression that he is entangling all of his adversaries in a ferocious storm from which they cannot escape. Your defeated foes are now electrocuted by a special lightning bolt before they pass away.

The alternative style is in some way much more detailed, and it transforms Razor’s body into a storm that has become engulfed in water, transforming it into a violent tornado. Likewise, your talents are now coloured marine green.

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Obtaining Razor Arcana and the Voidstorm Asylum

Obtaining Razor Arcana and the Voidstorm Asylum

In order to claim this item, you will need a Battle Pass of level 383.

It is quite unlikely for anybody to grind their way to the Razor Arcana, particularly if they are beginning their journey right now or if they have already won the swag bag. If you are wanting to get the most out of this experience, skipping the level package will damage you more than anything else.

There is still time to acquire some levels by doing Cavern Crawl and Weekly Quests, but you will need to devote the hours. The Battle Pass will be active until January 12, so there is still time.

If you are patient enough to wait, there is a chance that Valve may introduce a new level package for the Battle Pass in conjunction with the Winter Sale.

You might also wait until January to pay for the remaining levels and use that time to rack up as much experience as possible before making your purchase.

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