There has been a lot of talk about the Agent since since Valorant introduced Harbor, a character of Indian descent. For starters, Riot’s character launch party in Mumbai was one of the largest ever. Second, his avatar could be the best-looking in the industry. The fact that the player has the worst pick rate in the league was the deciding factor.

Despite being meant to take Viper’s place, this new weapon has fallen short of expectations. As a result, he doesn’t see much action with professional clubs. Since the character is being picked less frequently than Yoru in the current meta, we should investigate why this is the case.

We’re also investigating why, even after so many updates, Chamber remains one of Valorant’s most popular agents to recruit. It was announced that further Chamber balance changes will be planned in future patch patches.

The Role of Harbor as a Valorant Controller

In analyzing Harbor’s skills, we notice that his primary power is Hide Tide, a wall that can cover large areas. Additionally, the wall may be bent to the desired shape. His smoke is the first of its kind, and it can deflect projectiles away from its user. Like a method that travels forward and may be utilized to occupy space, Cascade can be controlled by its owner at any time. His last and greatest form takes the shape of a body of water. Enemies in close proximity to the ability will be shocked and their position revealed after each thing.

The designers opted for a controller who exudes an air of faux-initiation with his equipment. Viper is a pseudo-controller, much like Omen is a pseudo-Duelist. Unfortunately, the character as a whole has suffered as a result of this strategy. This is mostly because he lacks any solo talents compared to other controllers. Harbor lacks window coverings despite the fact that Omen and Viper both have toxic mollies. Therefore, there is no such talent that can be utilized to fool the opponent in a one-on-one setting. Each skill is designed to assist the team in pushing into a site, but prevent the team from recovering control of the site in the post-plant phase.

Not even Brimstone or a Viper can be lined up with Harbor. An additional detail to keep in mind is that the opponent is immune to all of his usual attacks. Unlike the game’s other controllers

Harbor on Paper Rex

Paper Rex participated as an invited team at the recent GXR Invitational in India.

As they faced BOOM Esports on Fracture, Paper Rex used Harbor for the first time. The lowest fragger, Mindfreak, didn’t have to do much to get his way. The final result of the match was 13-1. During gameplay, it became clear that the Tidal Wave ability could easily blanket both sides, preventing any newcomers from entering the site. Harbor’s full capabilities shone through when the defense was breached. However, this character didn’t appear to be the ideal choice for defending.

They dropped Harbor 13–6 to Team Heretics from EMEA. Paper Rex’s defense was completely ineffective throughout the board. As it turned out, he required the services of an additional controller. Here is where the character’s flaws would be exposed on a global scale. That would have been the end of the story, except that Paper Rex kept faith in the character and put him to good use against Breeze. For the first time, Harbor’s defensive talent was on full display. On defense, Paper Rex won 9 of 12 rounds throughout this Map, while mindfreak also got a 3k to clutch a round.

Thinking Man’s Valorant provides a thorough summary, which is as follows:

The Distinction Between a Chamber and a Harbor

Some may find it hard to see the parallel, but it works in a roundabout way. At the moment, Chamber is one of the game’s most popular and widely-requested characters, despite being incredibly overpowered.

It’s not that I always have a good grasp of how to maximize Chamber’s potential, but rather that his playstyle lends itself to a wide variety of strategies. An operator can be used aggressively to get the round’s first kill on specific maps. In some games, you may take a backseat and wait for an opening while holding an advantageous perspective. You may use him as a lurker in an attack scenario as well.

To put it simply, his versatility is what makes him so effective in Chamber. You can only win at Harbor if you work together with your teammates. There is a huge disparity in the number of times these two characters are chosen in the game due to how differently they are played. To maintain dominance over a location is a primary objective in both roles, at least as the game describes it. Considering that Harbor is the game’s Controller, Chamber is clearly the superior choice.

In the event that the other team makes an aggressive attack, Harbor has no defenses in place aside than a cloud of smoke and the wall. The secondary effect isn’t even long enough to give Harbor the upper hand if someone tries to break through the barricade. The game’s creators should think about these things.

Despite the fact that we have previously talked at length about the balance changes that have been made to Chamber in the recent patches. This has not stopped the character from becoming one of the most often chosen in the game. Despite recent improvements to Cypher and Killjoy, Chamber remains the top sentinel choice. Recent patch notes released by Valorant contained a hint.

As we were discussing the bonuses with Cypher. The rumored forthcoming improvements to the chamber were also mentioned. Many people think this might result in a change to the way his ultimate and the head hunter function. While some think it will revolve on the cost of his many game tools.

It’s our belief that the ultimate’s animation duration will be lengthened slightly in Valorant. As a result, it will be slower than a marshal but quicker than an Operator after making this adjustment. Second, the teleport’s animation time will increase. So, when Chamber shoots and misses, he won’t be given a free pass. As was said earlier, the most notable quality of Chamber is his adaptability to a wide variety of styles. On the other hand, we anticipate that the alert Bot will provide him with a boost in the near future.

If Valorant wants to ensure that the overlapping abilities are as balanced as possible, it is up to them to do so. Brazilian time, just before the Valorant League begins.

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