Astralis, a European League of Legends team, has revealed their lineup for the 2017 LEC season, bringing us some more LoL news. Astralis has added Finn (formerly of EXCEL) and 113 (formerly of Karmine Corp.) to its roster, while retaining mid laner Dajor and bot lane combo Kobbe and Jeonghoon.

All Set For The New Season

Astralis is one of the most well-known esports teams, especially in the west, but they were never very good at League of Legends. Astralis didn’t do anything worthwhile in LEC, unlike other games where it did well. The team came in ninth in the LEC Spring 2021, seventh or eighth in the LEC Summer 2021, tenth in the LEC Spring 2022, and ninth in the LEC Summer 2022.

Even though the last split didn’t go as planned, Astralis decided to keep the team’s core together and make a change to the top side of the map. Last split, Vizicsacsi and Xerxe were the top laner and jungler, but in the next LEC season, Finn and 113 will take their place.

It has been established that Finn will play the top position. The Swede began his professional career under the Magistra umbrella, where he played for a total of nine different clubs until signing with Rogue of the LEC. After competing at Worlds 2022, he joined Counter Logic Gaming. A year later, Finn returned to Europe with EXCEL after living in the United States. Astralis will have him on their team this season.

The team has promoted the young Turkish youngster 113 to jungler. After graduating from high school, he began his professional career in Turkey with SuperMassive Academy. Giants Gaming picked up 113 after he helped the team win and had tremendous success in solo queue. This past season he was a part of Karmine Corp, which included such notables as Cabochard and Rekkles, and they won the EU Masters 2022 Spring Trophy. Recently, he left to join the team Astralis.

The Basic Concept Still Stands

Besides the northern tier of the map, the remainder of the 2022 Summer Split roster will stay in the same organization. German midfielder Dajor, Danish striker Kobbe, and South Korean support Jeonghoon have all committed to staying with the club. Only Vizicsacsi and Xerxe from the previous year’s lineup won’t be returning. Despite having good seasons as individuals, Dajor, Kobbe, and Jeonghoon were unable to translate it into a winning season as a unit last year. Last year, Astralis didn’t make the playoffs because the team didn’t gel well enough.

In addition, the group has never even reached the playoffs since its inception. The success that Astralis has had in the European LoL esports scene is most likely subpar. The team’s management is committed to assembling a roster with the most potential for success in the area.

The new Astralis team will face some of the top League of Legends players due to the high level of competition in Europe. If Astralis can find the right synergy between their young and seasoned players, they might be a serious danger. While each player is undoubtedly skilled, the success of the team in the next LEC season will ultimately depend on the players’ ability to work together.

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